Jonathan Nadler

Becoming a Lawyer

For those who are interested in becoming an attorney and practicing in some certain field of law, there are certain things that you must consider prior to taking that leap.  Law School is a huge commitment and takes a great deal of time and energy.  Below are some of the things to carefully think about in deciding whether or not becoming a lawyer is the right decision for you.

Cost of Law School:  The debt that law school students face upon completing their Juris Doctorate is extremely high.  On average, law students graduate with debt of over $72,000, while those at other schools have reported have come away with $100,000 worth of debt or more.  Law degrees are extremely expensive, no doubt but the issue that comes along with this is the fact that having a law degree no longer insures that you will have a more than comfortable socio-economic status.  Expense is the first thing to consider in looking to become a lawyer.

Time Consumed with Education:  Attending law school full time will take three years, which you can only attend in the first place if you have earned a bachelor’s degree.  Not only will you have to attend classes with a great deal of outside study required, more often than not there will be internships required, law journals to participate in, and other time commitments related to law school that will make free time for simultaneous employment elsewhere virtually impossible.

Public Speaking:  Being a lawyer not only requires dedication, long hours, and a lot of study time, but also a great deal of face-to-face interaction.  As a lawyer, you should feel confident in your abilities to speak on information and facts to large groups of people.  Between meetings, speaking with prospective clients, the courtroom, depositions and so on, lawyers do a great deal of interaction with others.  If this is not something you can see yourself doing on the day-to-day, perhaps becoming a lawyer is not the right path for you.

These are just a few of the main components of becoming a lawyer.  To see more that you might want to take into consideration before beginning your journey into law school, please have a look here.