There is nothing quite like the stress of travelling during the holidays. Add in the anxiety of air travel and you could be stressed before you even reach the front door of your holiday destination. One step in combatting this stress is choosing the best airport to travel from and avoiding the worst. The following three rank very low when it comes to the holiday travel experience.

LaGuardia New York Airport

On a regular travel day at LaGuardia, crowded and stranded travelers often pace the terminals as there is inadequate gate seating, a lack of power outlets and even a lack of restrooms. Escape Here explains that at Christmas time this gets even worse and as the bad weather often hits, the runways become congested leaving passengers trapped in the airport. Try using a smaller, local airport instead of LaGuardia during the holidays.

O’hare International Airport explains that O’Hare is frustrating any time of year, in fact, many travel websites and experts will encourage you to avoid O’Hare at all costs. It only gets worse the closer it gets to Turkey Day, so if you can, opt instead to fly out of Midway Airport and book a flight earlier in the day before the terminals start to become congested.

Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark might have a reputation for being a lesser-known New York-area airport, but it’s also the busier of the sibling airports during the holidays. Also, according to, the likelihood of having your flight cancelled over Thanksgiving or Christmas is more than twice as likely there than any of the other 50 busiest airports.

There is no place like home for the holidays, so if you want to arrive on time and in a pleasant mood, avoid using Laguardia, O’hare and Newark airports.