Traveling can often be stressful or overwhelming, so a lot of us tend to prefer booking awhile beforehand to ensure this task is checked off the to-do list. Unfortunately, some airlines often overcharge or add surprise fees — even for things like pillows and meals — that can be avoided. Take charge of your flight and save money with these simple steps:

  1. Check the following morning after booking to see if the airfare price dropped and if so, then you can often get away with canceling and then rebooking the lower rate.
  2. When an airline can’t fill all the seats for a weekend flight, they often offer them at discounted prices. Booking a spot at the last minute, if possible, can save you money.
  3. Use an online explore tool to see the different fares that you can choose from for your destination.
  4. Some airlines advertise for a cheaper fare on social media sites, such as Facebook, but these discounts don’t stay around for long.
  5. According to Daniel Bortz of the US News, using a credit card which is associated with an airline or joining the “frequent-flier club” in a carrier of your choice can get you an advantage over other people. Similarly, these credit cards may also hold reward points or miles that you can put towards your next flight.
  6. Bortz also says that the cheapest flight is often the first one in the morning, followed by lunchtime and then dinner time. The red-eye also tends to be less expensive.
  7. You can sign up for sites, like AirfareWatchdog, Yapta, and Kayak, to get online notifications when a good deal turns up, or go for big-name ticket-sellers like Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity.
  8. Sometimes a lot of airlines post sales, discounts, and lower rates on their websites — making these deals harder to find unless you visit the actual site. So check the actual carrier’s website just in case.
  9. Having a good experience on your flight doesn’t necessarily mean using the most known airline or top-rated. Some smaller-name airlines have even better prices and fares than the more popular ones.
  10. If you’re going round-trip, you can save a lot by booking connecting flights. All you have to do then is ensure getting yourself there on time.