There’s a dime a dozen for every show set in New York City, and for good reason – the city often acts as another character to round out the cast. However, the Philadelphia area deserves some love, too. Here are five shows you might not have known take place there!


Pretty Little Liars

Based on Sara Shepard’s series by the same name, this show takes place in the fictional town of Rosewood. Rosewood was modeled after the same town Shepard grew up in on Philadelphia’s Main Line. If you’re listening carefully, you’ll hear the occasional reference to define its location. One of the main characters, Spencer Hastings, wants to attend the nearby prestigious University of Pennsylvania, as generations of her family have, which is mentioned is multiple episodes. Emily Fields mentions in another season that she had to drive all the way to Ardmore, a well-known Philadelphia suburb to anyone familiar with the area.


Boy Meets World

A classic household staple for any child of the 90s, Boy Meets World features Cory and his two best friends: Shawn and Topanga. Together, the three of them begin the show as young middle schoolers and eventually graduate high school and even college, guided by their faithful teacher Mr. Feeny. The audience watches them grow and has the opportunity to grow with them.


References to Philadelphia include the Philadelphia Phillies, the Philadelphia 76ers, and is mentioned by name in episodes A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 2 and My Baby Valentine.


How to Get Away With Murder

Bet you didn’t realize Middleton University itself is set in Philadelphia! Although a fictional law school and actually filmed in Los Angeles, the show takes place in the City of Brotherly Love.


Cold Case

Cold Case was a crime procedural show that followed the Philadelphia Police Department as a team investigated “cold cases” or cases that are no longer actively being investigated by the department. These cases take the squad all over the city, giving viewers a front row seat to the city and its landscape.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Okay, you probably knew this one. It’s in the name, after all! The show features a ragtag group of adults and the bar they all congregate in. It’s a dark comedy, and naturally hijinks ensue as the friends go about their daily lives. References to the city include mentions of Fairmount Park and Spring Garden Street, the Philly “Phrenetic,” and other by-name shout-outs by the characters themselves.