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Signature foods vary from country to country. Therefore, fast food chains have to alter their menus to reflect the eating habits of various cultures in order to make money. Some of the crazy concoctions that are released, are well worth some attention.

In Indonesia, it is common for people to enjoy a cheese covered donut for breakfast. Kentucky Fried Chicken took notice of this and added a glazed donut topped with Swiss and cheddar cheese to their menu.  

The UK introduced cheeseburger pizza quite some time ago. Cheeseburger pizza is just a regular pizza topped with ground beef and American cheese. Pizza Hut decided to take this to the next level and introduced a pizza where the crust was made out of mini cheeseburgers.  

The Burger Kings in Japan recently added a rather aggressive item to the menu – the Black Ninja Burger. This burger has a burger patty, onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, a hash brown patty, and one giant piece of bacon, all inside a black bun. Apparently, the burger was crafted to resemble a ninja with his tongue sticking out. Well, they win points for creativity.

Subways in Japan have Sausage and Barbecue Subs on the menu. This sub includes a long sausage topped with barbeque sauce.

During the holidays, Krispy Kremes in the UK release a Mince Pie Donut. These donuts used to include meat, fruit and spices, but today most of these donuts are meat-free.

The Crazy Cheesy Bacon Crust Pizza is a stroke of genius. This menu was introduced to the Pizza Hut menu in Puerto Rico. There is a ring of tiny pizzas along the crust. These tiny pizzas are topped with a bit of bacon.

Another crafty Pizza Hut creation was released in Singapore for the holidays. The bottom pizza had a stuffed crust and was topped with chicken pepperoni and bell peppers, and the little pizza on top of it was topped with rolls of turkey ham and Edam cheese, tomatoes, zucchini, and mango mayonnaise.

While all these uniquely crafted foods are tempting, they most likely will not make their way to the states anytime soon.