One of the benefits of visiting the northeast states of the United States is all of the beautiful changes that come with the new season. Every year, Philadelphia sees the leaves shifting from green to bright reds, yellows, and browns, and of course, you’ll want to know the best places to take in the sight.


Here are a few places you should check out if you happen to be in Philadelphia when fall rolls into town:


Independence Hall | Philadelphia’s Historic District

Independence Hall is already a must-see for anyone visiting Philadelphia for the first time. You can feel the history surround you as you take in the room where the very document that founded our nation was signed. The foliage serves as an added visual element as you explore the “Official Historic District Trail,” starting with the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall all the way to Penn’s Landing and Franklin Square.


Fairmount Park

To be fair, Fairmount Park is already Instagram-worthy on its own, with its fifty miles of trails to explore, 43 sculptures, two performing art centers, historic mountains, many museums, and more, you’ll never lack for things to do. But, with the added benefit of beautiful foliage in the background, you can’t miss the chance to take in the skyline, outlined perfectly by the tall trees around you. And, with 2,050 acres of land to explore, you’ll never take the same shot twice.


Wissahickon Valley Park

As a peaceful refuge from the city, Wissahickon Valley Park is one of Philadelphia’s greatest places to witness the changing seasons. With almost two thousand wooded acres, featuring the Wissahickon Creek, miles and miles of hiking trails, and Pastorius Park, you’ll almost forget the city is right there.


Benjamin Franklin Parkway

You’ve probably driven down the Ben Franklin Parkway before, and if you have, you’ll likely remember the way the entire parkway is lined with gorgeous, stately trees that look even better in the fall. Walk by or drive by and take in the sights, and if you have a free afternoon, maybe dip into some of the best museums Philadelphia has to offer! There’s the Barnes Foundation, the Franklin Institute, the Rodin Museum, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, so you have plenty to choose from and keep everyone satisfied.


University City

As you may have guessed, University City surrounds the University of Pennsylvania, where there’s the added benefit of beautiful architecture in addition to the bright leaves canopying the campus.