Jonathan Nadler’s Behance Presentations

Jonathan Nadler of Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellot, LLC Philadelphia branch works in the areas of labor relations issues and employment law. He has represented many clients from world-wide businesses to smaller companies and has defended his clients at both the state and federal levels. Jonathan Nadler has many areas of expertise, such as defense for claims of employment discrimination, doing internal investigations, the defense for unfair labor practice charges, and handling collective bargaining agreements.

As a lawyer who works at a full-service national law firm with a strong reputation and history of success, Jonathan Nadler is just one of the 350 talented lawyers that span across a network of 15 offices on the East Coast of the United States. What’s most notable about Jonathan is the fact that he was featured and quoted in media outlets such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Human Resource Executive, and Law360. You can view his press page here.

Although he is a busy man at one of the top law firms in the Mid-Atlantic area, Jonathan Nadler still makes sure he sets aside time for participating in activities he loves. Jonathan loves all sports, but he most enjoys playing a few rounds of golf or tennis. The presentations below outline tips and histories of the sports and melds Jonathan’s love for tennis with another passion of his — film.

Whether it’s reading about the latest Philadelphia sports scores, finding time to play a pickup game, or even traveling, Jonathan Nadler has a wide variety of interests that will continue to coalesce on this page.

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Battle of the Sexes and the Fight for Women's Rights

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